Have a keen eye for equipment?
Here’s a list of the equipment I use to get the best out of my songs, from guitar pieces to vocal and backing tracks to full on string sections. The beauty is that it doesn’t cost an arm or a leg these days to produce your own great sounding tunes.

I use the following equipment:

  • Blue Yeti Pro Microphone
  • Line 2 – 49 key USB Keyboard
  • Wesley – Ovation Copy,  6 string Round-back Electro Acoustic guitar
  • Epiphone Orville EO-2 Black 6 string Electro Acoustic guitar
  • Ashton 6 string Electro Acoustic guitar
  • Honda 2 – 4 string precision Bass
  • I also have a selection of 12 string acoustic guitars; Yamaha, Aria, Tanglewood

Without the above equipment I use producing the songs I write would not be possible. If I could give one awesome bit of advice, when recording your master pieces, stay clear of using loops, you can not create great songs if relying on other peoples loops, this takes away the authenticity and originality of your song, plus you’ll also run into a lot of copyright issues should anything progress with your tunes. Remember, originality is key which separates you from the rest of the crowd.