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JobsInKent - Case Study - Phase 1

Created in 1999, is the longest established recruitment web site specifically focusing on Kent. is by far Kent's largest job site receiving over 25 million hits in October 2018 from Kent based jobseekers.


Project Background

My objective was to enhance the Jobs Listings Panel for Jobs in Kent's current and live website. The analytics team had already carried out multiple user tests to ascertain how the panel was being used and how often and if the panel made the journey easier or more complicated. Their results discovered the feature was not being used regularly and the design lacked functionality.

The aim was to make that particular section of the site more appealing, engaging and user friendly by adding elements that would further assist users' searches.


I liaised and collaborated with JIK's developers, designers and analysts to gain a clearer understanding of how the area worked, the expectations of how it should function and which options could be accomplished to further aid my direction on how to implement the desired user journey and wireframes.


To carry out the user experience for key areas of the Jobsinkent website, creating wireframes that would be later used to help implement vital creative and development changes going forward.

Job listings panel original

Jobs Listings Panel

The original Jobs Listings Panel (People Also Viewed) was hardly used and did not focus on key user functionality.


Having a listings panel permitted the user to see live jobs as they were posted, which they could immediately select and apply for or choose to save to their job profile to view later.


With limited call to actions, the user only had two options which were to click through or the option to like the job; the former option would take them to the main job description page whilst the latter would save the job to their saved jobs page.
However, users were not checking or applying for jobs retained in the saved area - evidence from the analytics team clearly showed.

The panel did not serve the purpose it was designed for and therefore had become a redundant feature.

Revised Jobs Listings Panel

After doing research on how CTA's should be used to drive a user to a desired area/ point, I created a few scamps which reflected my thought process. I looked at differing ways the CTA could be used for both desktop and mobile.


Revised Wireframe Breakdown

My aim was to create a panel that was clean, clear and which served a particular purpose working alongside my revised Saved Jobs Panel/ Dashboard section shown in Phase 2. The focus was to gain more click throughs, whilst simplifying the entire process by having clear CTA's and by adding in a one click apply option that would also make the user journey a lot more intuitive.

One Click Apply All CTA:
By adding a much need selection system this allowed the user to apply for all of the jobs listed in the panel using the One Click Apply method (scroll down page to view first example).

Save Jobs CTA:
By saving the job it would be added to your saved jobs enhanced panel, making the process a key feature for the end user.

Job Listings section:
Using a clear layout with styled copy made reading the listed content easier, along with relevant icons that bullet pointed each section such as location, amount per annum and duration to add consistency that users should immediately recognise. This was important to adhere to current web standards.

Quick View Tab/ CTA:
The Quick View Tab (scroll down page to view second examplehighlighted a brief description of the role, the salary and the location.
This allowed the user to visually scan quickly through what was relevant, saving on additional click throughs. However, this feature was deactivated on mobile as the process was more complex due to pop-ups getting lost and navigation proving to be more difficult as opposed to the desktop version.

Add/ Submit Tab/ CTA:
You can either select the One Click All apply CTA or add the roles singly using the Add CTA (which added that particular role to your saved jobs panel).


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