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HP ePrint - Tesco Direct

HP commissioned Tesco to design a microsite to help sell their new ePrint line of printers, which would be featured and sold on the Tesco Direct website, this also included animated Flash banners which were to be used within the microsite.

Silentnight - Tesco Direct

Silentnight wanted a microsite that would not just show off their new range of mattresses on Tesco Direct, but would also offer video content and key information points describing their products in more depth but without all the unnecessary click throughs. Using the branding of both Tesco and Silentnight this was the final design that got used.

Hasbro Nerf - Tesco Direct

When Hasbro requested a microsite for their Nerf products and gave me free reign to come up with a new concept. I got straight into researching what Nerf was all about. After reading team pages, watching Nerf videos and reading a lot about the nerf brand I eventually got to work and came up with the below design. This was based on the Nerf style and colours, I wanted to create something that showed the excitement Nerf brought to those who use their products. 

The design won over the MD of Hasbro who requested the designs to be mounted in frames and placed on her office wall, a great achievement for Dunnhumby who I was working for and Tesco as this won them more projects. I ended up being there for two years, though the contract was initially only for three weeks.


Oasis Stores

Oasis stores wanted a microsite designed to help promote the then 2010 Brit Awards, who they were one of the main sponsors for. Using their brand and I designed a micro site that also had hover states on for the four different pages/ sections.

The brief: Oasis wanted a clean yet brit pop type design that reflected their brand style and culture.

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