Waitrose & Partners, is a brand of British supermarkets, founded in 1904 as Waite, Rose & Taylor, later shortened to Waitrose.

Role: Senior Digital Designer

Waitrose commissioned me directly to help redesign their website. I worked remotely with three other designers and a development team based in India. Liaising with Waitrose stakeholders and account managers, I correlated how the product pages would function and the types of products each page would require. One key task was detailing the user journey by mapping out each section/page through user flows. This long but critical process helped define and simplify the user journey, eliminating unnecessary clickthroughs from the original site. My team and I went through several discovery phases to outline these areas more thoroughly. Additionally, I had to present our findings to the development and product teams, ensuring the new designs were achievable and within scope.

We worked in sprints over an eight month period to deliver solid designs.

Redesigning the Waitrose website was a great, fast-paced project that kept me on my toes.


London, UK


Email: eugenestickney@gmail.com

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