Woolley Pau

Woolley Pau are an independent agency for pharmaceutical, medical and wellness brands.

Role: Senior Digital UI Designer

I collaborated with Woolley Pau on numerous projects for their pharmaceutical clients, working on projects for large conferences and on various design briefs. My role involved creating mood boards and storyboards for their HTML5 banners, and designing responsive microsites to showcase new products at healthcare conferences. Additionally, I designed mobile-friendly websites and PDF presentations.

The projects proved an exciting challenge, requiring visually compelling and medically accurate designs. I worked closely with account handlers and project managers to understand their needs and preferences. Once designs were approved, I partnered with the in-house copywriter to develop engaging, informative copy. I then refined the visuals, ensuring medical accuracy and adherence to industry standards. Finally, I collaborated with the team to review the finished products.

Woolley Pau was delighted with the successful end results, leading to an ongoing professional relationship and additional design projects.

Wolley Pau

Knowing the industry

When crafting solutions for pharmaceutical processes, it is crucial to approach the task thoughtfully and strategically. Considering the highly regulated nature of this industry, each design element must be meticulously considered to ensure compliance, safety and efficacy.


Define & Observe

By collaborating closely with stakeholders, conducting thorough research, and leveraging innovative technologies, we can develop optimised systems that satisfy rigid pharmaceutical standards while enabling our clients’ visions.



Though this work requires great care and precision, the profound impact on patient health makes the effort more than worthwhile. With patience, rigor and purpose, we can craft pharmaceutical process designs that not only meet regulations, but set new standards for quality.


London, UK


Email: eugenestickney@gmail.com

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