A brand of British supermarkets, founded in 1904 as Waite, Rose & Taylor, later shortened to Waitrose. It was acquired in 1937 by employee-owned retailer John Lewis Partnership, which still sells groceries under the brand.


I was commissioned directly by Waitrose to help them with the redesign of their website. Working remotely with three other designers and with a dev team based over in India.

I liaised with Waitroses stake holders and account managers to correlate how the product pages would function and the type of products each page would require. One of the many tasks was to detail the user journey, by mapping out each section/ page, this was achieved by creating user flows. This was a long but much needed process, as this would help define and simplify the user journey and to cut out the additional and unnecessary clickthroughs that were on the original site. We went through a few discover phases to outline these areas in more detail. 

As well as the above one of my many challenges was presenting our findings as a team to the development guys and product team, making sure the new designs where achievable and within scope. This was a great project to work on which definitely kept me on my feet. 

Role: UI/ UX Designer

Defining the process

The project was broken down into key stages, each comprised of important steps. This approach helped plan out the project roadmap and determine key milestones and so key deadlines could be met. 

Working with an agile, sprint-based process allowed the team to iterate on and validate potential solutions earlier on.



We ran a few user workshops to test the functionality for the shopping cart section of the site. This was to validate user clickthroughs and usability.



I mapped out the user journey for the entire payment process based on the data we received back from the workshops we held.The same process was then iterated for all of the product pages.



Creating wireframes. Explored various layout approaches to determine the best experience. I collaborated with Waitrose stakeholders and Dev team to validate concepts and gather feedback.



Finalising the final designs to make sure all assets were prepared correctly prior to handing over to the dev team in India. We held several meetings with the dev team and stakeholders to make sure we had all the deliverables needed in order for the build to commence.


London, UK


Email: eugenestickney@gmail.com

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