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A Multi Award-Winning Data Healthcare Agency for omnichannel marketing solutions & real-time performance analysis.

Role: Senior UI/ UX Design Manager

During my time at engage, I took on a variety of roles and responsibilities, which speak to my versatility and adaptability. I juggled numerous tasks wearing many hats, including:

* Designing wireframes, full website designs/redesigns, microsites, animated media banners and CRM newsletters. Using tools like Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD, powerpoint and more.

* Developed polished business decks and pitches to secure new business and impress existing clients.

* Collaborating cross-functionally to deliver creative solutions on time and on budget.

With proven expertise across design, project/traffic management and studio management, I brought a solutions-focused approach to every challenge. I was able to leveraged my passion for design and technology to develop captivating and strategic visual assets tailored to diverse client needs and brand objectives whilst taking on the daily managerial tasks of running a creative studio and team.

My team was regularly trained in healthcare compliance and data security to ensure that our communications solutions abide by the strictest regulations.
My team were regularly trained in healthcare compliance and data security to ensure that our communications solutions abided by the strictest regulations.

Engage won a Bronze Award for Digital - Multichannel or Omnichannel in 2022 at the PM Society Awards. 

The strategic approach to campaign success was defined by 4 key pillars to deliver an exceptional and connected
customer engagement experience:



The online ecosystem to provide an evidence-base for asset and channel selection detailing frictionless customer journeys for connected campaigns.



Innovative and motivational content with a user focussed and data driven design and UX approach at the heart of all communications.



Healthcare professional and patient content in the right environments to maximise reach, engagement and behavioural change.



Campaign success using a technology 1st approach with KPI led measurement frameworks including attitudinal markers of behavioural change.


London, UK


Email: eugenestickney@gmail.com

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