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I worked on the redesign of the new Honda responsive website, working very closely with their copywriters and Art Director creating the page layouts, as well as cutting out and optimising images.

The website layout had to be fluent and not too complex for the end user. The Art Director came up with the idea of designing responsive modules that could be used throughout the website; I had to both design and implement those. This also meant that when you used any of the created modules for certain products it kept the page consistent with the look and feel throughout.  

Each module created was designed to tell a story.


Oasis asked me to come in and help them up-date their website - to bring it in line with current trends. After going through their website and researching what their main competitors were doing, I came up with a few proposals that would be beneficial to their end users and the way they used the website.

I suggested the drop down navigation (originally at the top) should be moved to the left side of the header image. This made it easier for the end user to select the products, whilst also keeping the full list in view. I then introduced the 'Edits' section below the header image. This would bring in a selection of products based on the user’s current selections or on what they had previously viewed. Other areas that were introduced but not shown on this design were clearer image magnifiers, less pop ups and an edit selection on the products pages allowing for similar items to be shown.


I was commissioned by Waitrose to help them with the redesign of their website. Working remotely with three other designers, part of the role was to liaise with their stake holders, account managers and their developers in India. As well as working on the new website re-design, I also carried out the wireframing and journey mapping prior to mocking up the full designs.


I was commissioned to re-design and modernise the Laithwaites' website. I implemented new brand guidelines in addition to user journey and user interface. Creating new page menus, design layouts and ensuring the site's compatibility with current web standards which were lacking previously. I had fortnightly presentations with the CEO/owner, as well as marketing and digital teams, where I had to pitch my design concepts alongside the rationale behind the choices for those, which included: research; usability; what the customer journey should entail; how colours should be used throughout the website; the best way in which to display/market products and promotions. The process of convincing the business that this was the right way forward was challenging, however once they had heard the reasons behind my scamps they were in agreement that it was the best way forward. As a result, Direct Wines permitted me to create bold, modern designs that resulted in more customer click-throughs.

The project was commissioned for 4 months and was completed in two.
I was given the pleasure of discovering, via another creative professional, that competitors were viewing my designs for Direct Wines and attempting to implement those across their sites and marketing.


Whilst at Tesco I designed the landing pages for their late summer deals campaign, their Vin Plus wine section and came up with a new design concept for a new order page. The order page concept would help when ordering set meals through out the week, the page would show the total spend for each day and keep a record of savings and orders made so as you can simply revert back to your previous orders, saving time and money. 

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